Coda File System

How stable and usable is Coda?

This is difficult to answer. If you want to try this with 5-15 knowledgeable users, who would like to learn something and are knowledgeable computer users, you are probably OK if you do your backups.

Installing a large network of 100 users or so, is right now not a good idea. We are aware that it would be very desirable to get the system in a state where this is easily possible, and reasonable progress has been made. We have to cract several hard problems, and many minor ones, we hope that our next release will be a big step forward.

As of version 4.7 the data corruption that was happening on the servers is gone - but of course, many new problems might still come up. (8 Dec 1998)

According to the previous entry from 1998, Coda wasn't ready for production use. What is the current status?

I'd say a small userbase (20-30 users) and a few servers are pretty workable. Such a setup has been running here at CMU for the past couple of years without significant disasters.

Don't expect to easily handle terabytes of data or a large group of non-technical oriented users.