Coda File System

Chapter 10. User Administration

As of 5.2.x the user and group administration tools and databases have been replaced. Now, instead of editing user.coda and group.coda , and then converting them with pwdtopdb and pcfgen has been replaced by the new pdbtool program.

10.1. Short introduction to pdbtool

The pdbtool is an interactive command to manipulate and query user and group information. The most commonly used commands in the pdbtool are:

  • nui {username} {userid}

    -- create a new user, with the specified id.
  • ng {groupname} {ownerid}

    -- create a new group, with the specified owner.
  • ci {user/groupname} {newid}

    -- change the id of an existing user or group.
  • ag {group-id} {user/groupid}

    -- add a user/group to a group.
  • n {user/groupname}

    -- list all information about the user or group.

User-ids are supposed to be positive integers, group-ids are negative integers.

For more information read the manualpage ( pdbtool (8) ), which can be found in in the coda-doc- version files at , or simply play around with the pdbtool 's help command.