Coda File System

1.3. Organization of the client

1.3.1. The kernel module and the cache manager

Like every filesystem a computer enabled to use the Coda filesystem needs kernel support to access Coda files. Coda's kernel support is minimal and works in conjunction with the userspace cache manager Venus . User requests enter the kernel, which will either reply directly or ask the cache manager venus to assist in service.

Typically the kernel code is in a kernel module, which is either loaded at boot time or dynamically loaded when Venus is started. Venus will even mount the Coda filesystem on /coda .

1.3.2. Utilities

To manipulate ACL's, the cache, volume mountpoints and possibly the network behaviour of a Coda client a variety of small utilities is provided. The most important one is cfs .

There is also a clog to authenticate to the Coda authentication server. The codacon allows one to monitor the operatoin of the cache manager, and cmon gives summary information about a list of servers.