Coda File System

1.4. Server organization

The main program is the Coda fileserver codasrv . It is responsible for doing all file operations, as well as volume location service.

The Coda authentication server auth2 handles requests from clog for tokens, and changes of password from au and cpasswd . Only the the auth2 process on the SCM will modify the password database.

All servers in a Coda cell share the configuration databases in /vice/db and retrieve them from the SCM when changes have occurred. The updateclnt program is responsible for retrieving such changes, and it polls the updatesrv on the SCM to see if anything has changed. Sometimes the SCM needs a (non-shared) database from another server to update a shared database. It fetches this through an updatesrv process on that server using updatefetch .

On the server there are utilities for volume creation and management. These utilities consist of shell scripts and the volutil . There is also a tool to manipulate the protection databases.