Coda File System


From: Jan Harkes <>
Date: Mon, 20 Sep 1999 20:01:57 -0400
Hi everybody,

I'm about ready to check in the some changes which hopefully improve the
configurability of venus. A configuration file, (for now hardcoded as
/etc/coda/venus.conf, this should become @sysconfdir@/coda/venus.conf?),
will handle many of the configuration options that are currently either
hardcoded or modifyable by command-line flags (editing the venus.init

Commandline flags override any options set in this file. And currently
the vstab file also overrides this file. The vstab file will probably
become obsoleted at some point if people are happy with the new stuff.

An example configuration file is attached to show what kind of things
are currently configurable.

I hope to extend this to at some point also handle some of the seemingly
`not configurable at all' things:
   venus pid file		(<venus cache dir>/pid, used by vutil)
   venus tmp dir		(/usr/coda/tmp/, used by some utils?)
   venus run-control path/files (<venus cache dir>/..., used by vutil)
   venus log file		(<venus cache dir>/venus.log)
   ... any other ideas? ...

(As it is, moving the venus cache directory will break at least vutil,
but the configuration file format can be source'd by shells, so it
should be trivial to fix this)


Received on 1999-09-20 20:03:03