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Re: Adding a short prefix on each subject line ?

From: LEE, Yui-wah <>
Date: Wed, 22 Sep 1999 11:53:26 +0800 (CST)

Since I suggested to add prefixes to the two mailing lists (codalist
and codadev), there are many counter suggestions.  Well, if the other
members in the community do not like the idea of prefixes, I agree.

However, before the end of this thread of discussion, let me say a few
more words.  I am already using procmail to filter my many messages.
However, I prefer not to automatically filter important messages (such
as those from codalist and codadev) into folders without my own
reading, as I tend to forget to read them later.  Therefore, I will
read most the incoming mails (at least have a glimpse on the subject
line), and then use the tag-and-save feature of my elm (a mail client
which need no mouse -- i.e. expensive -- operations) to sort the
messages into folders.  I do subscribe to several other mailing lists
who use short prefixes (less than 7 characters), and I find that those
prefixes are useful for me (thus, I believed, for others too) in this
working mode, as I can decide whether or not to tag a message by just
looking at its subject line.

Now I am reminded that I can rewrite the subject lines by myself with
the help of procmail, so probably I can still work in that mode
without requiring a policy change of the mailing list.

For extremely high volume, but less critical, mailing lists, I tend to
subscribe the digest version.

Cheers !

-- Clement Lee

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