Coda File System

Re: Memory consumption

From: Kurt Huwig <>
Date: Mon, 13 Dec 1999 19:14:00 +0100
Phil Nelson schrieb:
> >I wanted to set up a Coda-Fileserver with 64MB RAM, 256MB swap and 8G
> >fileserver space. This failed with an obscure error message and I
> >tracked it down to having not enough memory.
> >
> >Now, with 3.3G fileserver space, the codasrv-process needs 180M virtual
> >memory. Why does this is so high and how can I set up a fileserver with
> >let's say 75G space?
> Well, the server uses RVM to store metadata about the files being served.
> All of RVM is memory mapped and thus take VM from your swap.  Using 4%
> of the space served, you need about 330 Megs of RVM.  Thus, the 330 Megs
> does not fit in the 256 MB swap.
> There are recent changes to coda that allows the servers use private mapping
> which should reduce the initial use of swap, but in the long term, the
> server will still need all of RVM in swap.
> I'm currently working on how get servers working with more capacity.  Our
> current thoughts is that large servers, e.g. 75G, would need to be served
> by multiple server processes.  For example, using 1G RVM should theoretically
> allow you to serve 25G of files.  To serve 75G, you could run 3 servers
> with 1G RVM.  That implies that you have more than 3G swap.  This hasn't been
> done yet.  (I don't yet have the hardware available to try it, but I hope to
> get enough to try 2 servers serving over 20G soon.)
> And I'm not sure anyone has run a server with 1G RVM.  So while we are working
> toward this goal, we are not there yet.

We have a machine here with 16G diskspace and another with 40G+.
Physical RAM is 64/128MB. How much physical RAM do we need to have it
work fine?


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