Coda File System

Re: Memory consumption

From: Jan Harkes <>
Date: Mon, 13 Dec 1999 14:09:06 -0500
On Mon, Dec 13, 1999 at 07:14:00PM +0100, Kurt Huwig wrote:
> We have a machine here with 16G diskspace and another with 40G+.
> Physical RAM is 64/128MB. How much physical RAM do we need to have it
> work fine?

It is the amount of VM that matters, with the private mmapings there
should be a lot less disk trashing when the RVM size exceeds the amount
of physical ram, as unmodified pages are not swapped out/in but simply
paged in from the RVM data file.

One problem we still have is that on linux it is not yet possible to
do a private mmap of a raw device, but hopefully that will be resolved
soon in the development kernels. Talk about implementing it has already

> BTW:
> 1. Where do I get a sample 'config.tape'-file for backup testing?

Ehh, config.tape, I don't thing we have one, ah yes... This is the one
on our backup server.

sleep_interval 200

notify   "/usr/sbin/zwrite -v -d -n -c backup -i coda "
#message   "echo "
message    "mail -s 'Backup notification'"

These are the configurable options and their defaults:

dbdir		"/vice/db"
labelsdb	"/vice/db/TAPELABELS"
sleep_interval	200
notify_cutoff	5
maxretries	25
backupmachine	undefined
message		undefined
notify		undefined

> 2. The current windows95-client crashes in 'clog' after entering the
> password.

I know, haven't checked what the cause is yet. It is possible to
generate a tokenfile with `tokentool' and use that one from the
commandline with "-fromfile token", so it is either the parsing/reading
of the password, or the RPC message sent to the auth2 server.

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