Coda File System

Re: IPv6 with Coda Project

From: iWat <>
Date: Tue, 19 Jul 2005 08:39:09 +0700
As you said, I got support from Dr. Sukumal -- Rod's friend -- who is
my teacher. We are in progress now, and trying to finish this in 2 or
3 months if we can.

So I'm not worried about the duplication now.

Chaiwat S.

On 7/19/05, Jan Harkes <> wrote:
> Nothing committed yet. I had an email from Rod Van Meter the other day
> who did the initial IPv6 code for RPC2 who wanted to know if there is
> anything in this area that could possibly be an interesting project for
> a couple of students. Haven't heard anything back, but even so some
> duplication might be useful especially since there is nothing at the
> moment and there might be a lot of interesting little snags that
> different people solve in different ways.
> Jan
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