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RE: loading coda into the kernel

From: iWat <>
Date: Wed, 20 Jul 2005 13:24:15 +0700
I've just finished my Coda server setup, and also got the same message
as you got. So please check these steps,

- try 'startserver', if this if the first start it will take some
seconds not immediately return
- then 'echo $?' to get its exit code, this must be 0 not 1
- if it was zero, then check log file of coda in /vice/srv/
- try to fix it

Coda cannot run when gethostbyname() return (loop back
interface) this may be the message what you get, so edit server.conf
and search for 'ipaddress' then hard code your real IP, and try
'startserver' again.

If the result of 'echo $?' is zero (0) then try createvol_rep again,
this may work.

Good luck,
Chaiwat S.

On 7/01/05, Gautam Singaraju <> wrote:
> Jan, 
> Thank you for the help. I now see the coda kernel module that had been loaded [lsmod]. I am presently trying to create a volume that can be shared and I am encountering an error. 
> #createvol_rep / <> 
> Failed to dump the current VRDB into /vice/db/ 
> Any suggestions please? 
> Thank you, 
> Gautam 

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