Coda File System

Re: Coda diconnected operation

From: Jeff Breidenbach <>
Date: Mon, 14 Sep 1998 18:39:17 -0400
>> Did you ever resolve the disconnected operation issue? I'm
>> at the same stage you were, with a working client/server, and
>Well, I followed Peter's advice and made a replicated volume.

Interesting. After some intial stumbles, and a dozen re-installs, and
with a little help, things mostly fell into place. I currently am the
proud maintainer of

* one Coda server 
* three Coda client machines
* four createvol_rep volumes
* a clog login
* a home directory in Coda
* several hundred working software programs
  installed in a Coda volume.

Getting back to a decent distributed filesystem is SO refreshing.
Everything has been stable for several days now. I can definitely see
Coda becoming very popular.

But disconnected operation still gets me. From the mailing list
discussion, it sure sounds like I don't have a replicated volume,
since disconnected operation doesn't appear to work. Everthing goes to
pieces (hangs) when I pull the ethernet cable out of the laptop and
try to create a new file in my home directory. On the other hand, I
was pretty sure I used createvol_rep. So...

1) Am I missing something basic here? I don't think I really need
   to do any hoarding at all to write a file. And certainly my home
   directoy is going to be in the cache if I just did an ls ~/
   before pullling out the ethernet cable.

2) What's the obvious way to tell if the volume is replicated? 

3) And is a fix as simple as creating a new volume alongside
   the four I have already? Or do I need to re-install?

4) Being a basically happy person at this point, should I hold off on
   asking these questions, stop pestering developers with questions,
   and wait for the next release or two? <grin>

[jeff_at_gabor ~]$ cfs listvol /coda/jeff
  Status of volume 0x1000002 (16777218) named "u.jeff"
  Volume type is ReadWrite
  Minimum quota is 0, maximum quota is unlimited
  Current blocks used are 20380
  The partition has 2667195 blocks available out of 3191494

[jeff_at_gabor ~]$ ls
GNUStep RMAIL bin Xrootenv.0 nsmail

{pull out cable}

[jeff_at_gabor ~]$ touch foobar

{hang, put in cable, wait 30 seconds}

[jeff_at_gabor ~]$ ls
coda_open: coda_upcall returned 110
ls: .: Conenction timed out
Received on 1998-09-14 19:38:14