Coda File System

Re: demo thingy

From: <>
Date: Mon, 22 Feb 1999 10:47:05 -0500 said:
| Can I just suck down the tarball, extract it on a Red Hat 5.2 machine,
| and type 'make install'?  Once it has done "make install", then what?
| Presumably I need to start the server; and I gather I need to
| initialize some Coda volumes, too, and do something or other to set up
| the clients.

On a Redhat 5.2 machine you probably want the binary rpms for the 
client and server. And either use a 2.2.x kernel with the Coda module, 
or use the to build your own.

| Is there documentation on this?  Ideally I'd like something that will
| take less time to read than it takes me to set something up.  If no
| such thing exists, I'll read what I have to and then I'll write what I
| wish had been read already.  :)

The Coda-HOWTO tries to explain in simple and short terms how to set 
things up, and what common problems may occur.

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