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Re: laptop went to redhat 6.0, venus stops working

From: <>
Date: Fri, 30 Apr 1999 16:12:25 -0400 said:
| My codasrv is a redhat 5.2 box, and venus is on the former 5.2 laptop,
| which i just took to 6.0...and venus won't start.

What kernel version does 6.0 use, and do you have a coda.o module in

Actually the error you show seems to indicate that the kernel module is 
there, and that venus is sending messages to it before the filesystem 
is mounted (i.e. it is not a fatal error).

| coda_psdev_write: downcall, no SB!

Is there anything useful in /usr/coda/etc/console or /usr/coda/

| Thanks in advance...don't know if my subscription has kicked in yet,
| so private Cc:s would be nice.

I just checked, you are in the list of subscribers.

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