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Re: laptop went to redhat 6.0, venus stops working

From: Michael D. Ivey <>
Date: Fri, 30 Apr 1999 21:27:50 +0000
On Fri, Apr 30, 1999 at 04:46:20PM -0400, wrote:
> | but /etc/services seems OK...still has my old entries.  i hope it's
> | that simple, so i attached the services file below.
> It actually looks correct, venus fails when getservbyname fails for
> either the venus/udp or the venus-se/udp port. Which are 100% in your
> /etc/services file. Now why would getservbyname return NULL?

beats me...

> Hmm, venus is dynamically linked against, and didn't redhat
> move to glibc2.1? I will be bitching and moaning into the new century
> if they actually managed to break the libc binary API, without changing
> the version number. But it really looks like the new glibc is suspect.

should i try to build venus from scratch?  i'm using the rpm

> Just guessing that you must be the first to switch to 6.0, we're
> still running a mix of redhat 5.0/5.2 machines, and I haven't seen
> this problem reported before.

i love being a pioneer...really...

ok, if anyone has suggestions, or wants to get on the box and fiddle
with it, just let me know.  maybe we can figure out what's up and get
a bug report to RH.

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