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Re: laptop went to redhat 6.0, venus stops working

From: Ben Gertzfield <>
Date: 30 Apr 1999 13:56:12 -0700
>>>>> "jaharkes" == jaharkes  <> writes:

    jaharkes> Hmm, venus is dynamically linked against, and
    jaharkes> didn't redhat move to glibc2.1? I will be bitching and
    jaharkes> moaning into the new century if they actually managed to
    jaharkes> break the libc binary API, without changing the version
    jaharkes> number. But it really looks like the new glibc is
    jaharkes> suspect.

Speaking as a Debian developer, I was personally impacted by *several*
breakages in the libc binary API when Debian 2.2 moved from glibc2.0
to 2.1.

Namely, simple libraries like GLib (the partner in crime of GTK+) no
longer worked, because of backwards incompatibilities.

Basically, I wouldn't be surprised at all if this is due to glibc2.1
crap. They really released it far too early, with way too many
backwards incompatibilities..

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