Coda File System

Larger then 10GB Coda server?

From: Rob Towner <>
Date: Fri, 07 May 1999 17:24:24 -0700
I am interested in implementing Coda on my network and I would like to
ask some questions on this list. I have 4 campuses connected by T1 lines
and I would like to dedicate 30 GB of disk space in Coda to each campus.
My current thinking of the ideal configuration is as follows. One Coda
server with 150 GB in Coda on a raid set. Each of the four campuses
would have a server which run the Coda client and would serve files via
Samba to win 95 workstations.

I am aware that currently Coda only scales up to 10 GB per server. Would
I be totally wasting my time if I tried to get Coda working with 150 GB
or is there a chance that I could make it work? Would putting a 30 GB
Coda server at each campus be a better solution?

The Coda HOWTO says to not make a venus cache larger then 300 MB. The
setup script says I can use half the available space on the partition
for the venus cache. How large can I make a venus cache? I want to use a
very large cache because my WAN is very slow. In fact, I would like to
use a 30 GB venus cache on the campus servers.

By now you probably think I'm crazy. :)

Rob Towner
CIS, Network Assistant
Yuma Union High School District
Yuma Educational Consortium
Received on 1999-05-07 20:25:35