Coda File System

RE: Larger then 10GB Coda server?

From: .Oliver_Thuns. <>
Date: Mon, 10 May 1999 09:29:26 +0100
>Thanks; We're looking at starting with a little over 4TB of storage, and
>AFS/DFS/EFS may be our only option at this point. I appreciate your
>response. I look forward to testing the new big-filesystem version of CODA.

What's the difference between AFS and Coda?

>Will you need to use a better (logged/transactional/journaling) filesystem?
>Or would UFS-type filesystems be adequate for the job? I winder if Be, Inc
>would allow BeFS, their 64-bit journaling file system, to be ported to

I'm busily ignoring some thousand of implications I have determined to be irrelevant.
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