Coda File System

New Win9x Coda Client - Please Try It Out And Feed Us Back

From: Marc Schnieder <>
Date: Wed, 12 May 1999 20:38:17 +0000
There is a new Win9x Coda Client available at

It is a snapshot of the latest development tree and has some new
features such as aggressive caching in the kernel, which is based on the
dcache implementation of Linux. Coda now is a lot faster and hits local
speed during certain operations.

Please, try it and let us know what you think, but also remember it is
still in alpha state and bugs may show up. We are looking forward to
kicking them out.


ps the provided Coda_Howto is not yet up-to-date, but it will be soon
Received on 1999-05-12 16:41:55