Coda File System


From: Diego Carvalho <>
Date: Thu, 13 May 1999 11:32:11 -0300

 I had problems compiling the Coda tar ball on a coda file system. The linker

 used to crash with a signal 11. This problem is due to the size of the venus

 cache. I increased the cache and the compilation goes on.

 I got a similar problem with a client machine running with 300 MB of cache when

 I tried to fetch (by ftp) a 400 MB file. The venus starts to loop on a cache overflow,

 and I was forced to reboot this client.

 Is there any protection against the cache overflow?

 BTW, the Venus version on the 5.2.2 distribution is still 5.2.0 (venus.version.h)...

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