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Venus dying on file create by xemacs or Star Office 5.0

From: <>
Date: Tue, 15 Jun 1999 15:42:52 -0400
I am having some problems with venus. Creating files from
some applications causes venus to die (go into the mode
waiting for debugging). I can copy files, touch files, and create
them with vi but if I try to use xemacs or Star Office venus dies
and I have to reboot (can't login at another VT but the mouse
still works - usually). Often I can't even reboot and I have to
kill the power.

All the following with the target file _not_ pre-existing.

When connected:
touch foo.txt -> works
vi foo.txt         -> works
xemacs, enter some text, then ^X^S -> venus dies, have to reboot
soffice, create a spreadsheet, save  -> venus dies, have to reboot

When disconnected:
All of the above work, but I haven't tested soffice.

My setup:

Debian (slink), Linux kernel 2.2.5, venus 5.2.0

I couldn't see anything very insightful in the console or venus.log
files. Here are a couple of lines that might be interesting:
[ W(16) : 0000 : 14:17:57 ] ADMON STATS: DMQ Advice NOT valid. (uid = 1000)


[  X(00) : 0000 : 06:29:53 ] ProfInit(): profiling is broken; fix it!

Received on 1999-06-15 15:45:47