Coda File System

Re: Patch against SEGV (Was: Announcing coda release 5.2.4)

From: Andreas J. Koenig <>
Date: 16 Jun 1999 07:29:15 +0200
>>>>> On Tue, 15 Jun 1999 23:18:01 -0400, Jan Harkes <> said:

 > We actually use only a small subset of the libdb functionality, so I
 > optimistically expect not to hit too many of the virtualy unfixable bugs.

Be sceptic! It's probably not feature related. After reading
sendmail's README I'm a bit paranoid. I don't believe that sendmail
uses a bigger subset of the libdb functionality.

 > The libdb emulation in libdb2 is API-compatible, so everything should work
 > normally, (besides the coredump you've just fixed).

Exactly. That's the point I was missing, and I'm glad that it allows
us to switch to libdb2 immediately (although I still have to convince
my coworkers;-)

Received on 1999-06-16 01:30:21