Coda File System

venus startup problems

From: Craig Oda <>
Date: Sun, 04 Jul 1999 17:12:55 -0700
Hi, I'm running coda 5.2.7 on a Linux machined called vs-test1 with
kernel 2.2.9.

I got the coda programs from the coda FTP site in binary format.

I'm using the coda module from, linux-coda-5.2.3-linux2.2.9.tgz

This is not the same version of coda, but I hoped that the client
would run with the same module.

/vice/src/SrvLog indicates that the server is starting:
09:23:02 Starting SmonDaemon timer
09:23:02 File Server started Sun Jul  4 09:23:02 1999

venus-setup ran fine.

When I start venus, I get this error message:

[root_at_vs-test1 /root]# venus  

Date: Sun 07/04/99

10:00:08 /usr/coda/LOG setup for size 0x8761e
10:00:08 /usr/coda/DATA initialized at size 0x21d878
10:00:09 brain-wiping recoverable store
10:00:09 loading recoverable store
10:00:10 fatal error -- CommInit: no bootstrap server
10:00:11 Fatal Signal (11); pid 3847 becoming a zombie...
10:00:11 You may use gdb to attach to 3847


Another, perhaps unrelated error, is that when I use clog, I can't login.
I'm using the default password of "changeme" without the quotes.

[root_at_vs-test1 /root]# clog sysadm
username: sysadm
Invalid login (RPC2_NOBINDING (F)).

Can anyone suggest something that would help me?

Received on 1999-07-04 20:11:54