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Re: venus sig11 on startup (fwd)

From: Troy Benjegerdes <>
Date: Sat, 3 Jul 1999 01:45:38 -0500 (CDT)
>> Either we are giving a bad arg to getservbyname again, or the codasrv
>> port isn't listed in /etc/services, and your glibc then manages to
>> crash when trying to get it from some other place (like NIS/NIS+).
>This gets wierder.. I rebuilt coda-5.2.7 (with krb5 support) with my
>patches for updaclnt/updasrv endian problems on my x86 box and on my PPC
>box. Out of curiousity, I shut down down both servers and restarted only
>the one on the PPC box, removing the entry on the x86 box.

OOps, I just checked the server on the x86 box..

#0  0x400d9581 in ?? ()
#1  0x810b693 in RPC2_S2RError (serr=135314747) at switchs2c.h:375
#2  0x804a6d6 in adviceconn::ServerInaccessible (this=0xb,
    name=0x2b <Address 0x2b out of bounds>)
    at /home/hozer/redhat/BUILD/coda-5.2.7/coda-src/venus/
#3  0x1519c1dc in ?? ()
#4  0x80c8d7d in rw_lock (rwl=0x301, mode=0)
#5  0x804bb85 in adviceconn::RegisterInterest (this=0x1519cf48,
    numEvents=386917210, events=0x0)
    at /home/hozer/redhat/BUILD/coda-5.2.7/coda-src/venus/hdb.h:246
#6  0x8065528 in fsobj::ConnectedSetAttr (this=0x170fe35a, Mtime=0,
    vuid=3221224324, NewLength=0, NewDate=1, NewOwner=2, NewMode=54226,
#7  0x808c1ee in IoctlOpStr (opcode=386917210)
    at /home/hozer/redhat/BUILD/coda-5.2.7/coda-src/venus/
#8  0x808e3fd in ParseCmdline (argc=386917210, argv=0x81ab0c0)
    at /home/hozer/redhat/BUILD/coda-5.2.7/coda-src/venus/
#9  0x80652de in fsobj::ConnectedSetAttr (this=0xbffffb84,
    vuid=135955972, NewLength=0, NewDate=135708128, NewOwner=0,
#10 0x8109618 in rpc2_DeleteMgrp (me=0xfffefdfc)
    at /home/hozer/redhat/BUILD/coda-5.2.7/coda-src/rpc2/multi3.c:654      

Other miscellaneous information:

Both machines have two IP addresses, one real (external) and one aliased
IP (192.168.*) for access my 'internal' network.

I just got it to work, by changing every refernce to 'kalmia' or 'aurora'
(the server names) to the fully qualified domain name in /vice/db on both
servers and restarting everything.

It looks like this is related to the hostname code somehow.

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