Coda File System

Disconnected operation problems

From: Brian Widdas <>
Date: Sat, 7 Aug 1999 00:16:20 +0100 (BST)

I installed coda 5.2.7 on a couple of 486s I have. One machine runs
FreeBSD and acts as a fileserver, with a 2Gb /vicepa partition. The other
is a laptop running Linux acting as a client. One of the things that
really appealed to me about Coda was the idea disconnected oparation -
that I could unplug the laptop from the network and take it somewhere
else, and still have access to my files. However, I've been having some
problems with it...

At present, I have the root volume mounted at /coda, a directory
/home/coda, and a volume user.brian mounted at /coda/home/brian. I hoarded
the entire /coda tree, and cfs listcache showed everything was cached:

/coda: 7f000000

/coda/home/brian: 1000002

I stopped venus, physically disconnected the machine, and rebooted

After reboot, cfs listcache shows

/coda: 7f000000

???: 1000002
* .
* ./fetchmailrc
* ./mail

Venus appears not to be keeping a record of the relationship between
volumes. It also seems not to cache usernames/passwords, so acquiring
tokens to do anything with the filestore while disconnected is impossible.

Hopefully, someone can tell me where I've gone wrong - I'd love to be able
to use Coda to take this laptop away from the fileserver and continue to
be able to access my filestore.

Thanks in advance,

Received on 1999-08-06 19:18:50