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RE: Coda on Irix

From: Green, Andrew <>
Date: Wed, 1 Sep 1999 11:26:58 -0600
Forgive my intrusion...I usually just lurk on this list.

I've followed most of the SGI/Irix news I've seen, and
I just cannot jump to the apparent conclusion most 
people are reaching.

SGI is definitely moving in a pro-Linux direction.  Of that
there is no doubt.  They are, or are preparing to, market
Linux based machines....I haven't heard if they'll be MIPS
or x86 based.

What I don't see, is the move AWAY from Irix.  SGI 
_OWNS_ the supercomputer market, with both its
Cray and Origin2k (MIPS) lines.  The fully-loaded O2k
(if memory serves...) has 512 processors; the Linux
kernel is nowhere NEAR ready to approach that scalability.
Whether it be SMP or clustering or whatever.
(yes, Unicos is the Cray OS)

Also, I read some time ago that SGI is working on 16k
processor arrays...

So perhaps on the desktop Irix will dwindle or vanish 
altogether.  Unless I've missed something, I do not see
SGI abandoning Irix any more than I see them abandoning
Unicos.  Plus, there is still plenty of life left in MIPS.

This wasn't intended as a flame, so I hope it isn't construed
as such.  I had the same discussion/posts on slashdot
when the Linux fanatics began to claim SGI would be selling
SMP x86 boxes right after the firesale of their high-end Origin and
Cray lines.  Ugh.

On an aside, many of our clients want/need a robust distributed
filesystem.  It would be exciting to see this grow into the choice
for WAN and high-availability filesharing.  I think its worth noting
that most of the clients who want it use high-end HP, Sun and
IBM servers.  (HP-UX, Solaris and AIX respectively.)  In fortune-500
companies, Linux only plays a small role, and would never be
used when 24/7 support and high-availability are the primary

I personally would prefer to see a diverse number of platforms
supported...we need CODA services in our lab, which has 13
different UNIX machines (and 98/NT) of which Linux is only one.
The bosses won't front the $$ for AFS so I guess we're SOL.

Well...anyway - thanks for reading this :-)

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> hi,
> I think it is very unlikely that we will have time to do this. Given the
> dwindling support from SGI for IRIX I question the wisdom of doing this.
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> > Is there any planned support for Coda on SGI/Irix? We're
> > currently planning
> > on implementing AFS in January.
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