Coda File System

Re: Coda on Irix

From: Lou Langholtz <>
Date: Wed, 01 Sep 1999 12:35:34 -0600
"Green, Andrew" wrote:

> . . .
> I've followed most of the SGI/Irix news I've seen, and
> I just cannot jump to the apparent conclusion most
> people are reaching.
> . . .
> > I think it is very unlikely that we will have time to do this. Given the
> > dwindling support from SGI for IRIX I question the wisdom of doing this.
> >
> > - Peter Braam . . .

I have to agree with Peter's statement on this and strongly disaggree that
SGI owns the super-computing market. SGI won't even have its Cray division
before too long. See SGIs own news release even about there "...partnership
or other transaction..." with their Cray unit at
<>. If you
absolutely have to keep your SGI hardware around then see if it's one of the
platforms that Linux is supported on (like the Indy's) and then compile in
Coda to your Linux kernel.
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