Coda File System

Re: Coda release 5.3.2 available

From: Robert V. Baron <>
Date: 12 Oct 1999 10:14:16 -0400
There are a couple of issues here:

	We don't directly maintain Coda for NetBSD's other than the x86
	platform here.  So I hope that others port and test Coda for
	the other platforms.  I have some porting notes that I'll commit
	to the coda/ kernel directory.  Its not hard to port.

	Now as Phil noted there is a problem in the sparc/sparc/conf.c
	file.  So if you did not use an lkm, /dev/cfs0 is not in the 
	cdevsw and you will not be able to open /dev/cfs0.  venus will
	exit if it can not open /dev/cfs0.  So you should double check
	that venus us running on your machine.  If not and if /coda is
	700 that would explain the permisions problem.

	But, lkm's are different it turns out.  The way the coda.o lkm
	is set up, it will just make /dev/cfs0 major 60 (independent of
	what might have been there [good for x86 maybe not so good for
	other platforms]).  What this means is that if you
	successfully load the lkm coda.o, venus should work.  Modulo
	the problem that Jan just fixed by upgrading the testserver.

	Lastly, we'd need some more info/logs as to why the server failed
	to help you with it.

Scott Smith <> writes:

> Cool, well if I get a chance today I'll look into it or tonight after
> dinner.
> FWIW, I added optiosn CODA and pseudo-device vcoda 3 and rebuilt/rebooted,
> still didn't work (that was actually the first thing I did, because at the
> time I was unaware of the undocumented *grumble* behavior of lkm where you
> have to be in single user to actually *load* an lkm).
> Scott
> On Mon, 11 Oct 1999, Phil Nelson wrote:
> > 
> > Scott Smith wrote:
> > 
> > >but ls /coda gave operation not permitted or something..
> > 
> > After looking at the source for NetBSD/sparc, it appears that 
> > the support for coda was not completely added.  There is no
> > entry for the character device /dev/cfs0 in the sparc kernel.
> > I don't know if the lkm is supposed to add this or not.
> > 
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