Coda File System

Re: strange tests with coda

From: Emmanuel Anne <>
Date: Mon, 22 Nov 1999 10:31:40 +0100 (CET)
On 19-Nov-99 Jan Harkes wrote:
> On Fri, Nov 19, 1999 at 03:34:02PM +0100, Emmanuel Anne wrote:
>> I tried to mount a simple server to make some tests on it.
>> Log file = 12M (in a file /log)
>> data file = 44M (in a file /data)
>> Mounted with venus-setup <host> 10000
>> df returns stupid results for the coda parition... (server and client run on
>> linux).

First, thank you very much for your very long answer !
It helps a lot, I was quite lost...
> That's either 9GB/9GB/9GB (before Linux 2.2.11)
> Or df:    <size of client cache>/<blocks associated with write open objects>/
>           <free-able blocks>
>    df -i: <available fso's>/<allocated fso's>/<free fso's> (2.2.11 and later)
>> And I finally receive "No space left on device" avec having put only
>> about 88 M on it (22M little files and one 66M big file).
> Ok, ENOSPC can come from different parts of the system-`chain'. Alas,
> there is only one ENOSPC, so it's meaning is a bit overloaded.
> 1 Server partition full.
>     For replicated volumes any of the partitions with one of the
>     replicas is full
> 2 The client cache is full (diskblocks),
>     this can only happen when no objects can be flushed as a result of
>     open for write or logged modification information (resulting from
>     disconnected operation)
> 3 The client cache is full (fileobjects),
>     this can also happen when no objects can be flushed. This is
>     calculated by the client on the assumption of an average filesize of
>     16K/file. So a 10MB cache can cache at most 416 fileobjects
>     (directories + files + symlinks).... Oh, and there are a couple
>     reserved for repair purposes.

That is the problem : setting up the cache with venus-setup <host> 30000
allows me to access normally to the files (I could not even read my big tar
file - not so big : 11M). I had this ENOSPACE message even while trying to read
which was very frustrating...

All right now it is working with such a configuration... But isn't 30M rather
big just for a cache ? Is there a way to use less memory on the clients to save
some memory for the others apps without having to swap ?
I guess I will try to have an other look to the venus manual...

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