Coda File System

Machines with multiple interfaces.

From: David Brown <>
Date: Sat, 4 Dec 1999 22:08:21 -0800 (PST)
I have run into an interesting difficulty with the coda server.  My
server machine has multiple network interfaces.  One interface is the
"outside world" whereas the other is my internal network.  I wish to
run the coda server on the inside network.  However, gethostname
returns the name of the outside address (so mail and such is

The inside coda clients must connect to the server at the inside
address, otherwise their traffic is blocked by a firewall.

What I have done so far is:

hostname inside-name
coda-server start
... wait a bit
hostname outside-name

all seems to work fine, but it is annoying to do this on start.

Apache deals with this by having a configuration option specify which
interface name to use.  I wonder if coda could also have something
like this.  Even an option that overrides what gethostname returns.
If the user specifies a host that isn't really us, then it won't work,
but apache does the same thing.

The only other annoyance is that backup complains that it isn't
running on a host in the /vice/db/servers.

Dave Brown
Received on 1999-12-05 01:09:28