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[Darwincoda] Re: DarwinCoda cvs?

From: Christer Bernérus <>
Date: Mon, 12 Jul 2004 12:00:58 +0200
I didn't change anything myself, but it appears as if the OpenDarwon 
core team has managed to mangle the modules file.

You can get the stuff anyway using

cvs -d co 

However, the code will tunr up in the proj directory.

Hope this helps.


fredagen den 9 juli 2004 kl 16.08 skrev Jin Choi:

> Hello. I'm attempting to check out the DarwinCoda source from CVS, but 
> am being told that it cannot find DarwinCoda:
> % cvs -d 
> co DarwinCoda
> cvs server: cannot find module `DarwinCoda' - ignored
> cvs [checkout aborted]: cannot expand modules
> Has this been moved? Thank you.
> -Jin

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