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[Darwincoda] Semi-auto installation script

From: Dimitri Tcaciuc <>
Date: Sat, 28 Aug 2004 23:08:01 -0700
Hey folks,

I've made a little script that basically automates the Coda install
process outlined on DarwinCoda website. Before install, you need to
edit $prefix variable to specify where do you want to install
Note that it doesn't compile the kernel extension, so you need to
compile and load it manually.

I've tested it on my iBook 2 times, looks like its working. Although,
no guarantees :P

--------- start ----------

# To avoid mess, I prefer installing into my homedirectory

export PATH=$PATH:$prefix:$prefix/bin

echo '-- Installing into ' $prefix

# Using tmp to create a mess
cd /var/tmp
if [ ! -d codatmp ] ; then
   mkdir codatmp

cd codatmp/

# Installing readline
echo '-- Compiling readline'
curl -O
tar xvfz readline-4.3.tar.gz
curl -O
curl -O
curl -O
curl -O
curl -O
cd readline-4.3
patch -p0 < ../readline43-001
patch -p0 < ../readline43-002
patch -p0 < ../readline43-003
patch -p0 < ../readline43-004
patch -p0 < ../readline43-005
./configure --disable-shared --prefix=$prefix 
make install
cd ..
rm -rf readline*

# Installing lwp
echo '-- Compiling LWP 1.11'
curl -O
tar xvfz lwp-1.11.tar.gz
cd lwp-1.11
./configure --prefix=$prefix 
make check 
make install
cd ..
rm -rf lwp*

# Installing rvm
echo '-- Compiling RVM 1.9' 
curl -O
tar xvfz rvm-1.9.tar.gz
cd rvm-1.9
./configure --prefix=$prefix 
make check 
make install
cd ..
rm -rf rvm*

# Installing rpc
echo '-- Compiling RPC2 1.22'
curl -O
tar xvfz rpc2-1.22.tar.gz
cd rpc2-1.22
./configure --prefix=$prefix
make check
make install
cd ..
rm -rf rpc*

# Installing CODA
echo '-- Compiling CODA'
curl -O
tar xvfz coda-6.0.6.tar.gz
cd coda-6.0.6
./configure --with-rvm=$prefix --with-lwp=$prefix \

echo "#define __BSD44__" >>coda-src/venus/worker.h

# Checking for needed resolv.h
if [ ! -f /usr/include/resolv.h ] ; then
    echo '-- No file found, aborting'; exit 1
echo '-- Found: /usr/include/resolv.h ...'

echo "#define HAVE_RESOLV_H 1" >>config.h
echo 'LIBS:= $(LIBS) -lresolv' >>Makeconf

echo '-- Installing coda client and server to your drive'
echo '-- warning: default location is /usr/local'
echo '-- Press enter to continue'
sudo make client-install
sudo make server-install

echo '*********************************************'
echo '** If you haven''t seen any errors, then'
echo '   CODA is successfully installed to'
echo '   '$prefix' without any'
echo '   problems'
echo ''

echo 'export PATH=$PATH:'$prefix':'$prefix'/bin:'$prefix'/sbin' \
    >> $HOME/.bashrc

echo '** I''ve just added this line to your .bashrc'
echo '   export PATH=$PATH:'$prefix':'$prefix'/bin:'$prefix'/sbin'
echo '   If you''re using other shell, add this line'
echo '   to the proper config file.'
echo ''
echo '** Next steps:'
echo '     To test the installation and connect to the test server,'
echo '     do the following:'
echo ''
echo '     $ sudo '$prefix'/sbin/venus-setup 20000'
echo ''
echo '   At this point you should have your kernel extension locked and loaded'
echo '   You can check if its loaded by doing'
echo '     $ kextstat | grep coda'
echo ''
echo '   Next, fire up venus daemon'
echo '     $ sudo '$prefix'/sbin/venus &'
echo ''
echo '   You should now be able to see /coda directory'
echo '     $ ls /coda'
echo ''
echo '   If the only thing that you see is a file named NOT_REALLY_CODA,'
echo '   then something is b0rked. Otherwise, you can try connecting to'
echo '   CMU test server that is opened to anyone:'
echo '     $ ls /coda/'
echo ''
echo '   Naturally, do to the above, you need to be connected to Internet'
echo ''
echo '   Good luck and have fun!'

# ze end

-------------- end ---------------
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