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Re: [Darwincoda] correction + question regarding getattrlist()

From: Christer BernÚrus <>
Date: Sat, 28 Aug 2004 20:32:48 +0200
> Hey everyone,
> I checked out the latest CVS, and apparently needed
> to be modified from 7.4 to 7.5. I guess it was the latest OS X update
> that did the trick.
Yup, That's right. Anyone who knows how to put in a wildcard ?
> Now, I have a question about the empty getattrlist(). Pardon my noob
> kernel skills, but what is it for? Aren't we getting file attributes
> by calling coda_getattr(v) ? I'm quite confused about this at the
> moment, although good chances are that I haven't read the docs well
> enough...
Ah, eh, getattrlist is a POSIX constuct that noone but Apple seems to 
have bothered to implement.
It's like a getattr on steroids where the user process can ask about 
anything or nothins regarding a file system object, and get all the 
answers in a big chunk. Apple uses this in order to implement some 
Classig MacOS constructs (I Think)

I have looked at the get/setattrlist for ufs and nfs and decided that 
the implementation is not trivial. But it seems that Pekka's patch has 
solved the biggest prob÷em right now, without implementing getattrlist, 
so unless someone is very eager to code this, it looks as if it can 
wait for now.
> On the side note, Pekka, your patches work great. How come they aren't
> in CVS yet? Only other issue I'm getting is that after shutting Venus
> down, I can't remove the 'coda' server from my desktop, but that's
> another bug, I recon.
I wanted to give Pekka CVS access, but he needs an OpenDarwin account 
before I can do that, and the portal with which you apply for such 
accounts seems to be broken. Thus, the patch isn't there yet. However, 
I'll try to put it in myself, unless Pekka disagrees on that.

Christer BernÚrus, SM6FBQ
System Manager
IT systems & services/Medic
Chalmers University of Technology

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