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Solaris port, questions ...

From: Phil Nelson <>
Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2000 10:05:20 -0800 (PST)
Hi Everyone,

  I recently squashed some big bugs in the Solaris port.
I can now execute files in /coda (mmap now works.)  
I haven't (yet) had a kernel panic with the current
solaris-coda module.  But I do know there are things
that don't work.  For one, the simple perl program:

open(FH, ">xxx");
print FH "abcdef\n";

works just fine on a local file system, but on coda,
it creates the file xxx, but doesn't write any thing
to it.

Has anyone ever run into a problem like this under

Also, the file size total at the top of an "ls -l" is
completely wrong.  I haven't yet found which call is
not correct.

In any case, the solaris code is now working for me
on both a sparc 5 and an ultra 10 both running 
solaris 2.6.  I hope to get Solaris 7 up and running
on a machine in the near future.

These changes for solaris (for lwp, coda, and solaris-coda) are 
big enough that as soon as I test out a few more things, I
think we should make a new release of each.

By the way, I'm currently having iomgr.c problems on both my
Solaris systems.  venus stops with

../../src/iomgr.c:293: failed assertion `0'

Shouldn't there be something better to do there than panic?
Like go back to the select and wait again?  Or is it
really the right thing to do there?

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